Construction of the Great Stupa

The sourcing of materials and their nature is a marvel. A. Denis N. Fernando refers to the Mahavamsa's Chapter XXVIII as The first recorded mineral survey.
The ancient texts recount the following materials were used for construction of Ruwanwelisaya.

(A Yojana is a measure of distance used in ancient Sri Lanka. The exact measurement is disputed amongst scholars with distances being given between 6 to 15 kilometers / 4 to 9 miles).

It is curious that the Mahavamsa so copiously records in detail the building of the Mahathupa in particular. It appears that the writer was very keen on leaving to posterity details, which are significant. Initial thoughts in this regard were, why copper and silver, two metals used even today as the best electrical conductors, were used in its foundation at a time predating our currently known use of electricity. Also the specific use of 'mountain-crystal' as recorded in the Mahavamsa. It is well known today that the pink quartz mountain at Namal Uyana is not too distant from Anuradhapura.